Nail Surgery Services

Nail Surgery


Our expertise encompasses different aspects of surgical procedures in the nail unit. Nail surgery is a highly specialized type of surgery, which requires specific training. Surgery on the nail is usually performed to obtain samples from areas of the nail apparatus like the nail root (matrix); nail bed (the portion of skin which lies under the nail), nail plate or surrounding soft tissue to diagnose benign or malignant nail tumors.

Other reasons for removing nail tissue are: nail deformity or disease, onyhcomycosis, lichen planus or nail psoriasis. nail2Furthermore partial or complete removal and repair of the nail tissue is performed to remove different nail growths, benign or malignant tumors, cysts, or release of ingrown toenail, removal of nail deformity (dystrophy), pincer nails, onychogryposis (curved nails), traumatic nail scarring etc. We also specialize in performing tissue sparing-techniques like Mohs surgery for non-melanoma nail cancers (see Mohs surgery)